Discovery-Dobet Gnahoré

Dobet Gnahoré is an Ivory coast singer aged 32, gifted with numerous and incredible talents (singing, dancing, drama art, etc) . Until three months ago, this is someone, I had scarcely heard about and even less listened. Still, she has got already three albums and for now, I have listened only to the first. Her Wikipedia page gives all critical pieces of information about her so I will stop here….

Speaking about her music is referring to the world of spirits. Guitars, local African instruments, the sounds that supports each and every  of her songs, are a tribute to the joyful continent which Africa is. U feel delighted, in peace, at ease when you listen to any of her songs. I feel like getting the two missing albums of my library and in the meantime I keep the enjoyment high. Find below a Live Performance of her song “Palea”, one for which she received a Grammy Award (thus breaking a roof) for her collaboration with India Arie on the track “Pearls” (jewel which I will also share).

For now, wish you all a nice beginning of weekend.Like, share your comments, and spread the word!!

PALEA-Live in Sao Paulo-Bresil .

Pearls-India Arie ft Dobet Gnahore- Live Performance



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