Poetry-Liberté- Throw Back Tuesday

Hello Dear Readers,

This time it is getting serious. I have been writing some poems since a few years now. It is always very different to write, read yourself and then get shared.

I will be publishing them from time to time, just to change… Ur comments and builds will definitely be welcome.

I will be talking here about freedom. Everyone seeks for it, everyone finds it essential to his life and for all it has very different and singular meanings. The poem below will give some hints on my own perspective. Written in 2006, it has not been touched since then. Enjoy…!

La liberté

Aussi précieuse que l’or
Convoitée par tous
Grands et petits
Puissants et pauvres
Refusée à ceux qui ne la méritent pas
Elle est l’aspiration
De tout homme.

Qu’elle soit matérielle,
Ou Morale
Peut importe
Seul le fait de la posséder
A une importance

Liberté toujours emplira
Le cœur de l’homme. /-



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