Sarafina!-Throw Back Tuesday

Canal+ Horizons, Douala-Cameroon, one morning of June 1993, a seven years old young girl watcthes Whoopi Goldberg,completely out of her normal setting. She is a teacher in a small South African school, and for the first time, the child that I was, discovers the word “apartheid”.


Sarafina (Leleti Khumalo)

Sarafina is the story of a young South African high school girl (Leleti Khumalo) in search for freedom and who chooses with some of her friends to say “NO” and take an active part in the future of her country, inspired by an open-minded teacher Mary Masembuko (Whoopi Goldberg).

Sarafina is a musical comedy but also a sad story of protest and police violence. Through this movie, my young eyes discovered the rudeness of the so-called “apartheid”, the beauty of South African music and the ability that lies in everyone of us to become a game changer. It is a beautiful and sad movie so I did cried. I am not sure that at the time, I did understand everything but the essence touched me and I remembered without any doubt the charachter of “Nelson Mandela”. Still , in my university days, I took the time to watch Sarafina once again.

There is no age to protest, no age to fight for good and there is power in unity agaisnt a cause. My love and respect to all those who lost their lives, or beloved ones in the fight for Freedom. Watch below two beautiful songs extract from the movie: “Freedom is Coming”& “Siwelele Mama”.



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