Education Is Queen- #Stopbokoharam

Education is definitely a queen and since its launch, education and sharing have been the main focus for this blog, dear readers.

In my dear country Cameroon, something is happening since a few months now, which challenges this affirmation around Education…Here comes Boko Haram...

Boko Haram is a so called islamist sect that has attacked Nigeria, and is now active in North of Cameroon, killing, rapting, raping, all in the name of Allah. Based on their so-called philosophy, and the Hausa translation of their name, they believe “occidental school is a sin” (in brackets as I still struggle to understand the exact meaning of the phrase) and therefore should be banned from Nigeria namely as it tarnishes the minds of the young muslims children. All those children should go to Koranic school and be thought very early the principles of Allah. In appearance, nothing scary, just a bit of extremism. The horrible part comes with their own understanding of the Islamic Law and their will to establish strict “Charia” in Nigeria and now in North Cameroon..

Basically, this group of people are against EDUCATION. They are against the opportunity for each and everyone to learn, discover new worlds, enhance their knowledge. They are against tolerance as the first strength of education is to open your mind to new worlds, new spaces and develop different ways of thinking. To materialize their hatred for education, they kidnap school girls, force them to marriage, they burn schools and spread terror in villages where suddenly they stop the normal courses of lives.

Within this digital library which I decided to create more than a year ago, education is the center, education is the philosophy. Therefore, watching Boko Haram attack my country, enrages me along as it spreads fear all over my bones. Just imagine the worse case scenario: they come to power just like the Talibans in Afghanistan. This blog would not exist anymore, I can assure you. Indeed, as a woman, not married, I talk about delicate subjects. I choose to tell histories, I recommend books (which could evil for the young minds), I recommend music, all subjects which should be fully controlled for Boko Haram. Each article could be checked and could be a reason for me to be condemned and killed upon their understanding of the Charia. Boko Haram and all other extremists are not ISLAM. They are an insult to this respectful religion which all through the centuries has developed and praised education and knowledge. 

The community of Cameroonian Bloggers has took the stand for each of us to write against #bokoharam. We took the stand to foster international and national opinion’s awareness around the risk that #bokoharam brings to our countries and the necessity to stop their progression. This cannot be a fight for one country only. This is all about global mobilization against terrorism, against insanity, against destruction, against violence. Through my other blog, I have already shared my inner feelings around this threat.

On #labiblio, I just wish to remind to all that Education is Queen. Knowledge is Gold and Africa is our mother. We should not tolerate these crimes to destroy our image. We should not tolerate these crimes to destroy the fruit of our hard work. Boko Haram must be stopped. 



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